Monday, 28 October 2013


"Rialto and Gondolas" 

In this second stage of the painting, you can see the building on the left is virtually completed and the canal is basically blocked in using blues and purples, still mindful of not hiding the bright pink underpainting. I have started in with some reflections and the gondolas are blocked in using black but need some alteration. The buildings and the Rialto Bridge have more detail and some are now stone coloured but will not stay that way!

As I am now painting with a palette knife, I find it is a quick process and enjoy painting in relief with the thick oil paint. This is working pretty well, especially in the detail of the buildings and the reflections in the water. It is difficult to show just how much the paint is in relief, but the next picture will be taken from an angle so you can see how effective it is to build up with oils so the painting stands out from the canvas.

"Rialto and Gondolas" 
(progress 2)
14" x 18" x 1"
wrapped canvas
© Jules Art Gallery 2013


SMV said...

This is very pretty, Jules. Would make a nice, unusual Christmas card. Happy painting!

Jules said...

Thanks Sharon, Good idea! I might just do that :)

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