Monday, 28 October 2013


"Rialto and Gondolas" 

This painting - comprising a view of the Grand Canal in Venice, showing the Rialto Bridge, and a station of Gondolas, was the start of a painting instruction class from one of Wendy Jelbert's painting Venice book, that I particularly liked.  The book even included tracings so you can get the composition right and get to the painting stage quickly rather than struggle with getting your drawing right for a long time. 

This was perfect for me as I have always had problems drawing buildings and have had dreadful hours trying to get the perspective right. I therefore have tended to avoid subjects where these are needed. But this method is good practice for me and quicker to get to the main event of painting.

The daytime scene I originally painted was in watercolour, in cobalt and ultramarine blues and cadmium yellows in the main composition, which did work very well but now I am going for a more dramatic evening light.  

I decided to try something new, and paint 'dangerously'  by using an acrylic bright pink underpainting for the sky, water and partly on the bridge and buildings. That dried quickly and then I started in with the water and sky in oils, but also with a palette knife - but allowing the pink background to show through. 

The bright pink underpainting  and the purples in the sky and water, show that it is evening, and the sun is almost set.  Reflections from the pinks in the sky can easily be picked out in the water of the Grand Canal, and in reflected lights in the windows of the buildings.
So far, so good!

"Rialto and Gondolas" 
(progress 1)
14" x 18" x 1"
wrapped canvas
© Jules Art Gallery 2013

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