Sunday, 29 September 2013


September Painting Challenge - Day 29

" Beyond the Lake"

Mountains again, but in water-mixable oils...
Now, before you start, I know some people question
the use of these and say they are not such a good thing  as you are not gaining
anything by using them? 
What is all the fuss about...?  you definitely
cut out the smell of turps,... and yes I know all about odourless turps...
 But water is cheaper and far less fuss, but the purists don't like em...
Apart from the water and the turps tho seriously.....what is the difference?
 Can you tell an 'oil' painting  from a 'water based oil' painting? 
Just wondering.... I don't know if you can, can you?
By the way, do you see the huge octopus head in this painting.....
yup! me too....!!

"Beyond the Lake "
10" x 8 "
Water-mixable Oils
©Jules Art Gallery 2013


Nancy Goldman said...

This is a lovely scene. I really like the colors you chose to use.

Jules said...

Hi Nancy, Thank you for the compliment and dropping in! I am now following your blog too! :)

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